Language plays an important role in the transfer of information and knowledge. DCT offers professional language services and is specialized in the localization of websites, marketing material and technical documentation into more than 50 languages.

As a localization specialist, DCT offers more than just a translation; your content is also adapted to the culture of the country in question. In addition, our Language Services department offers supporting services such as terminology management, consultancy and DTP. As a result, the creation, translation and publication of your information will be optimally streamlined.

Our working method provides you with an efficient localization process. This allows to secure a strong position for your service or product in the international market.

Experienced translators, project managers, vendor managers, DTP specialists, language engineers and consultants are ready and waiting to handle your projects.

DCT offers the following language services and specializations:

  • Localization
  • Transcreation
  • Consultancy
  • Quality Assurance
  • Local Revision
  • Terminology Management


Translation is the conversion of information to other languages. At DCT we take localization one step further: the final product is fully tailored to the intended market. Consider, for example, the adaptation of monetary units, market-specific graphs and the format of addresses and telephone numbers.

DCT utilizes the most advanced translation technologies available today. We place your translated content in a customer-specific translation memory which makes it possible to perform your future jobs more quickly and efficiently. Quality and efficiency are our top priorities!

When you chose DCT as your localization partner, you opt for:

  • a large network of native speakers of more than 50 languages, with knowledge in your domain
  • management of your translation memory (which always remains your property)
  • high-quality translations
  • support for many file formats, such as Microsoft Office, InDesign, FrameMaker, XML and HTML
  • short turnaround times and excellent service


The term “transcreation” is composed of the words “translation” and “creation.” Transcreation is the creative translation of advertisements and commercial communications in a manner that stimulates the target group to take action.

Transcreated text is interpreted and rewritten for the target market(s), based on the ideas and concepts in the source document, in keeping with your wishes. The result is a translation that has the same impact on the public in the target culture that the original text has on the audience for which it was written.

The authors at DCT involved in “transcreation” are not only exceptionally well-grounded in language but are also advertising professionals.


Because there are so many possibilities when setting up the process of producing multilingual documentation, it is very important that the right choices are made from the very beginning. With all those choices it should come as no surprise that it is easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees. DCT’s consultants have broad experience in the development of multilingual documentation and current knowledge of what is possible with the latest technologies. They are capable of assessing your existing processes and advising you on ways you can make them more efficient. Their advice is not limited to just the tooling to be used but also covers its practical use and use in conjunction with other systems. If desired, they will oversee the entire implementation.

DCT’s consultants are glad to assist you in making the decision as to whether you will produce your multilingual documentation in-house or contract it out, all or in part, to a specialized party.

Quality assurance

DCT maintains high standards of quality. A sophisticated localization process is employed to produce the proper translated content.

Vendor management
To ensure the quality of the translations produced by our translators, new translators are thoroughly tested by our vendor managers before they are put to work for our customers. Moreover, submissions from all our translators are subjected to quality controls on a regular basis.

Apart from a properly arranged process, the quality of the final product depends on the attention you receive as a customer. Communicative project managers ensure that your project is conducted efficiently by coordinating the translation process with you, the translators and various in-house specialists. That way you are always kept on top of things.

Pre-translation check
At the beginning of the localization process your files are analyzed by our language engineers and DTP specialists. This is how we ensure that these files will proceed through the process smoothly. Moreover, this keeps the translation memory clean, which is important to guarantee optimal reuse in future projects.

Post-translation check
The translations are always checked by our project managers. They do this using specialized software. They also perform the final visual inspection prior to delivery.

Local revision

Perhaps you will want to have the files DCT has localized checked by your local offices or product managers in the countries they are intended for. The success of such arrangements depends on well-defined agreements and good collaboration. DCT has the knowledge and experience to help you organize and implement a local revision process. We incorporate any feedback in the translation, communicate the changes to the translator(s) and update your translation memory. If desired we can even conduct a second round of revision in which the reviser provides approval of the final file.

This way you can be certain that your country office or local product manager will be pleased with the final result too.

Terminology management

Does your organization use specific concepts or technical jargon?

DCT assists you with the process of collecting, describing and translating your terminology and ensures that the approved translations are applied consistently.

Terminology management is recommended for translations in which approved terminology must be used for important concepts. Using your approved terms and specific preferences, we build a terminology database. This can also include information concerning whether or not product names, company slogans and user interface (UI) text should be translated. Naturally you can also provide a ready-to-use terminology list; we will ensure that this information is made available to our translators in an appropriate format. They will then be able to use it in an efficient manner during the translation process.

Thanks to our terminology software, the translator is presented with the right term at the right moment. With this approach the desired terminology is always used. This is particularly effective when deadlines are tight and multiple translators are working on a project simultaneously. In this way we can guarantee that the specific concepts or technical terms in your text will always be translated consistently, in accordance with your wishes.