According to the Cambridge Dictionary to publish is: “to make available to the public, usually by printing, a book, magazine, newspaper, or other document”. DCT does not agree! For us publishing is making information available for a certain purpose. There are a number of significant differences between our definition and that of the Cambridge Dictionary.


The first difference is the intended target audience. Personal elements such as the knowledge level of a target group or even the individual addressed and for instance the language they speak are essential to getting the message across.

What is the information meant to achieve? Making available to the public, as the Cambridge Dictionary states it, can be the purpose of a publication. But what about information that is meant to push people into action, information that provides warnings, or information that, in contrast, may not be made available to the public?

Printing is just one of the ways information can be published. Website, app, e-book, CD, DVD or MP3 etc are other ways in which we feel information can be published.

The time of publishing can be of vital importance too, for traffic congestion messages for instance.

All these elements are important factors in the publishing process. Determining the target audience and the information purpose is your core business. DCT has all the knowledge needed to configure your publishing process efficiently: form the graphic design of prints to the ICT knowledge needed to publish to websites and e-books or apps.

DCT can help you during creation of your publication content by selecting the appropriate tools. We analyze what publishing environment fits best in your organization, provide user friendly configuration of the system and offer guidance to your employees to make sure the system will be used optimally. A good publishing environment will offer reuse possibilities but will also provide a uniform company style and optimal consistency.

Efficient publishing means optimally using business information in a uniform layout. DCT implements publishing environments that enable her customers to directly publish their content form one source to multiple publication formats: single source publishing (see Content Management).