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Developing software is an intensive and complex process. Even before a single letter of code is written, the documents have already started to accumulate. Examples are software requirements, functional analyses and specifications, software architecture and database designs, graphical interface designs and test and project plans. This is all familiar to you, of course.

At the point when you launch your software, still more documents have to be prepared: manuals to help the users to install, configure, manage and use your software. The production of software manuals is definitely a job for DCT’s specialists.

Software manual writer also a developer

The writer of software manuals is also a developer. He or she works in a clear and structured way and constructs the various manuals so they are exactly appropriate to the target groups. This allows the writer to take account of what information an end-user needs to know and especially also what they do not need to know. This specialist in this field writes in a task-oriented style: concise, without too much jargon. One of the objectives the writer always bears in mind is that the end-user of the software needs to be able to get started with your manuals in order to carry out their job.


By calling in a specialist for the production of your software manuals, you achieve a win-win situation. One of the things the specialist contributes is a fine balance between the information present on paper or in digital media and the information your helpdesk uses to help your customers.

Fewer mistakes

In practice, this often means a reduced load on the helpdesk, leading to lower costs and greater customer satisfaction. By constructing the information transfer in a very specific way and testing it extensively in advance with you, the writer reduces the risk of mistakes by the end-user. Practice has taught us that an end-user who receives incorrect instructions then spends almost a third of their time trying to solve the mistake they have made. You can avoid this by having your software manuals produced by a DCT specialist. Your customers will appreciate this.