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Providing clear and understandable information ensures your products are better used and appreciated by your customers. A good, clear instruction manual therefore improves customer satisfaction with your product.

Product information

DCT’s authors are specialists in writing, editing and laying out technical product information for different audiences, such as end users, technicians and installers. The different audiences each require different things from your product information. Our technical writers and editors have extensive experience creating information for these different audiences. In doing so, they also ensure that the product information will be in compliance with all applicable standards, guidelines and directives.

Product information is part of your product. Make your product information like you make your product: as efficiently and effectively as possible!

Our technical writers and editors are happy to advise you on the efficient and effective use of images and text (minimalist writing), strategies for reusing text to the greatest possible extent (with topic-based writing, in DITA or S1000D for example) and on the creation and use of terminology lists. Especially for product information that must be published in multiple languages, the reuse of information and minimalist writing can result in tremendous savings. Minimalist writing not only makes information more accessible, it also reduces the number of words to be translated considerably.