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Good process information is essential for making the work more understandable, safer and simpler for your employees. Process information includes procedures, instructions and teaching materials presented in a form that is easy to use in the workplace.

Process information

DCT’s technical writers describe these processes in a manner your employees can relate to. Clearly, not every employee has the same tasks, knowledge and skills. To ensure the information is communicated effectively, it is important to take this into account. One approach we use is to write in Simplified Technical English (STE), to ensure that English-language information is clear and understandable for non-native speakers.

It is important that the form in which process information is conveyed is appropriate to the target audience and the work situation. Process information can be provided to employees and new hires through manuals, procedures, instructions on the intranet or electronic learning resources. But what about critical information concerning quality and safety of the work process? It may be better to convey this kind of information via a practical training session, posters and stickers (job aids) in the workplace, or a voice message when disaster strikes.

There are many different ways DCT can help you make your process information accessible, and doing so will ensure that your employees always receive the support they need to perform their work safely and efficiently.