Everyone needs information! But depending on the requirement, the need for information must be approached in different ways. When creating information, DCT therefore distinguishes between two different domains, presenting information in a different manner for each. Product information is intended for your customers, while process information is for you, as a supplier of products or services, for your own internal use.

Product information

This includes everything your customers need to know to get the most out of your product.

It is essential that your information is easily accessible, understandable and correct. After all, incorrect use will reduce the value of your product – the user does not get what they expect, dangerous situations can occur, the product may be damaged, etc. All the effort that has gone into the design, production and sale of the product will have been for nothing if the customer is not satisfied. Product information includes user manuals, instruction cards (quick reference guides), maintenance documentation and marketing materials (brochures and catalogs).

These can be in the form of a printed document, but they can naturally also be provided electronically via a customer portal, an app or online help for a software application.

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Process information

To retain important knowledge within your organization and provide your employees with optimum support when carrying out their tasks.

Like product information, process information must also be correct and very accessible and understandable for the user. If it is not, it is likely the product will not be made correctly, your employees could end up in dangerous situations, production may come to a standstill, etc. These are the immediate consequences, but what about the time lost teaching new employees to do the work or as a result of additional required repairs and maintenance?

Storage and transfer of process information is often a function of your quality system. Examples are process descriptions, process plans, work instructions and teaching materials. Again, depending on the operating environment and the type of information, there are different options available for achieving optimum information retention and transfer to your staff.

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