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Content management, managing your content. A term we see see more more often in various combinations: web content management, component content management and enterprise content management for instance. Naturally, you can find systems for all possible varieties: WCMS, CCMS and ECMS.

Content Management

When talking about content management the first subject should be: do we need a separate system for it?
If I am the only author in a company and am responsible for 10 manuals that have to be published in 3 languages, a file system will suffice for managing my content. I can can store my content in a directory with subdirectories and version management can be achieved in the file names. If I work with multiple authors, who need automatic version management and a work flow, who have a lot of content, possibly in multiple languages, and who might want to reuse content in different manuals, a system with which I can manage my content would be desirable, thus I need a content management system. I can configure my processes better, find my content more easily and keep track of version history.

The most important question concerning CMS is whether the rewards of a content management system way up against the costs its initial investment. The investments do only cover software licenses and support, but also training and implementation costs.
To optimize business processes DCT often uses content management systems. More and more editing tools such as MS Word, XMetaL, DITA Exchange Word Editor and Adobe FrameMaker can connect directly with content management systems such as MS SharePoint and Alfresco. Using these connections documents and topics created in the editing tools can be checking into the CMS directly and metadata can be assigned during check in. The CMS will automatically take care of the version management. Using a predefined work flow, the documents can go through different phases from draft to final. The result is a controlled process, insight into document and publication history and an easy way to trace documents.

DCT has all the knowledge and experience needed to implement not only CMS, but also CCMS and ECMS. DCT does not focus on web content management. Using her experience, DCT can help you select the right content management system, implement and configure that system optimally and train users.