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A tendering procedure is used by an organization, government body or business to find an enterprise that is able to carry out a particular commission. Examples of this might be the building of a new museum or the implementation of an IT program. Often these are major and attractive commissions that businesses would be glad to win. They need to submit a proposal for this, and it needs to be so well constructed and written that the business is awarded the commission. Much therefore depends on the substantive quality of the tender. Calling in a tender writer from DCT is not a luxury in this instance: it is actually a necessity.

Formally structured

A proposal in a tender process is a formally structured document that must meet a number of standards imposed by the body calling for tenders, such as the award and selection criteria. Also and above all, the plan of approach must be comprehensively described in your tender. This plan details what you will do for the contracting body, how and when you will do it, what you will use to do so, what it will cost and, further, what the unique added values of your business are with which you distinguish yourself from others. These are all things that form part of the work of a tender writer.

Empathic capacity

The experienced tender writer has great empathic capacity. He or she can understand the contracting body’s questions and can provide the best answers to them, both in the descriptions of the criteria and the plan of approach and also in the form in which you present your tender.

DCT’s specialists pay attention to the graphical look and feel of your proposal. They advise you, for example, as to the use of graphs, image material and statistics and the complementary power these elements have to clarify and distinguish your proposal.

Gaining the contract

Hiring in one of DCT’s tender writers will of course be an investment for you, but it is one that could pay for itself many times over. This is simply because, with DCT’s professional support, your chances of being awarded the contract are improved: significantly improved.