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In texts for the medical world, every word is weighed carefully. This is understandable and appropriate. When the texts concern clinical studies, registration of new medicines, medical equipment, patient information leaflets or medical marketing, there must be no ambiguity whatsoever. There must be no room for misinterpretation, nor any unprofessional language or vocabulary. Medical writing should therefore only be done by trained and experienced medical writers.

What knowledge does a medical writer possess?

DCT’s medical writers have wide medical knowledge and can translate it into texts that meet the stringent requirements imposed in the medical world. An example: in clinical research and in the registration process for new medicines, perfect documentation is crucial. It must be appropriate to the discipline and meet international standards such as those of the European EMA and the American FDA. Moreover, the correct terminology as defined by the EDQOM and in MedDRA must be used. DCT’s medical writers are familiar with these standards, understand the terminology, and know how to use all this in your texts.

On site

Due to its complexity, the size of the documents and the extremely stringent quality requirements, the writing of documentation for the medical world is generally a long-term job. This is why DCT’s specialists will often work with you on site when producing the documents. This creates short lines of communication between the various specialists who are involved. It increases the quality of the output and decreases the turnaround time of the production.


Documentation with respect to clinical studies, registrations or medical equipment is extremely sensitive. Maintaining confidentiality prior to publication is of the essence. DCT’s medical writers and DCT as a company are fully aware of this. They are, of course, prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement if you require it.