Kenbri: an eye opener

“DCT helped us ensure our documentation correctly matched our customer’s needs. They demonstrated that localization is about more than just translation, by making the documentation entirely appropriate for the Indonesian target group. Language problems must never lead to accidents or dangerous situations, certainly not when it comes to our crash trucks. The design of the Quick Start Guide, in which illustrations and text make the most important actions clear, suits us very well and may potentially be of interest for our future projects.”


Kenbri Fire Fighting is a supplier of firefighting equipment, firefighting vehicles and related services such as inspections. This means that Kenbri can take care of “everything, apart from actually putting out the fire”. Its core value is quality, and that is reflected not only in the day to day work of its employees but also in the products and services it supplies.


The quality of the Kenbri products is also determined to some extent by the way in which they are used. To guarantee optimum use, Kenbri also provides, in addition to the required operating and maintenance documentation for its vehicles, extensive practical training to the end users. For the supply of crash trucks to airports in Indonesia, Kenbri has documentation in the form of Dutch-language manuals and training materials in the form of English-language PowerPoint presentations. The Indonesian users, however, speak Bahasa and, on account of their level of education and cultural background, approach documentation and training in a quite different way. As a result, there is a potential risk that essential information will not be conveyed to them.


Kenbri asked DCT to make the documentation and training more appropriate to the needs and backgrounds of the users. The operating and maintenance information are essential for the proper use of the crash truck. Users and maintenance personnel must always be able to work with the crash truck safely, effectively and efficiently. The required information must therefore be made accessible for them.

DCT approach

DCT proposed a process of professionalization in which both the documentation and the training materials would be translated and improved in terms of their content, in order to make them as suitable as possible for the users’ level of education and cultural background. After a thorough analysis of the Dutch source text, DCT created a new textual structure for the operating and maintenance documentation. In addition, DCT implemented textual changes to make the text more appropriate for the users. The clear distinction that was created between the (technical) description and the operating and maintenance instructions represented a significant improvement.

The new content was used as the basis for developing a Quick Start Guide. With the Quick Start Guide, the users can see all the most important information at a glance.
Finally, the three aforementioned products were efficiently translated into Bahasa.


The result is accessible information in the form of a manual, a new Quick Start Guide and a presentation, all in the user’s own language. The new structure of the user documentation was designed to better support the users in working with and learning to operate the Kenbri vehicles. And, with the Quick Start Guide, Kenbri now possesses a new tool to allow users to quickly become acquainted with the most important actions in a firefighting vehicle. The Indonesian users of the Kenbri crash trucks are now optimally equipped to fully experience the quality of the Kenbri products.

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