Essent: Accessible for everyone

“DCT helps Essent with making their information accessible. After analyzing the requirements thoroughly, DCT developed a future proof model for creating, managing and distributing information. By using metadata with all types of information, the search and retrieve functionalities have become usable for all target groups. Information can be accessed efficiently and effectively through a portal. Mechanics can find the answers to their questions quicker and can easily enrich the system with their knowledge and experiences.”


Essent is a leading player in the Dutch energy production industry. Using new techniques is important for the various Essent business units. Essent wants to become a leading prayer at the Northern European technology market as well. To realize this ambition, Essent is investing in developing and modernizing installations and plants.


Essent greatly values safety, technical quality and service, and thus sets high standards for its operators and mechanics. They discovered that the information support for their employees was insufficient. It was difficult for them to sift through the large amount of information that comes with a power plant. And much the key knowledge was not stored centrally, but only available for those who held that knowledge.


DCT was asked to come up with a solution that could make large amounts of information more accessible and can centrally secure and share key knowledge. All key information has to be easily accessible for both education and practical purposes (information for teaching and presenting). Mechanics should be able to find the answers to their questions faster and easily enrich the system with their knowledge and experiences. Accessible for everyone!

DCT approach

Where other suppliers suggest implementing new systems or converting and rewriting current documentation to new documents, DCT strives to use existing systems and information. We started by holding interviews and workshops with stakeholders and key users. This resulted in a full and reliable set of requirements for the process, organization, information and tooling (among which applications and systems). These requirements are the basis of the solution development and implementation. DCT gives advice and guidance to Essent employees during the implementation and execution of this solution.


One of the most important starting points when restructuring and metadating documentation is a new information model. Understandable metadata enables operators and mechanics to easily find their way through large amounts of information. Using this information model, new supplier documentation can also be tested to the information needs. One of the requirements was a new portal that would give access to all the information stored in existing systems. The first release of this portal (in December 2011) was received positively. Further deployment of this portal is currently being realized. Other requirements also lead to defining new processes for sharing experiences and enriching information. Elements needed to support these processes have and will be used in building the portal.

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