Dremel: Eye for detail

“Consistent writing and efficient publishing in one seamlessly integrated process enables Dremel to deliver high quality documentation in 29 languages, as befits their high quality products, within the set deadlines and budgets, with minimal impact on the Dremel organization. DCT even takes care of the approval process of local Dremel offices. It is a fine cooperation with eye for detail and high quality service.”


Dremel is a global producer of compact electrical tools. Her products meet the highest quality standards. Dremel is well known for the company’s innovative approach and hight standards for quality, functionality and ergonomics.


The high value that Dremel sets on quality, functionality and ergonomics, sets high demands for the end product as well as the communications and documentations that accompany the product. New and improved products are introduced on a daily basis, which means there is high pressure on getting the multilingual documentation right. The processes for creating and translating documentation were placed with multiple suppliers. Dremel also took care of part of the work and the coordination herself. The process was not sufficiently efficient.


DCT was asked to develop a new manual for new products based on information already available at and comments from Dremel. The objective was to create a manual the would comply fit with the Dremel quality standards and that could be assembled automatically as much as possible, based on reusing existing information. The documentation had to be created conform the CE standards and be delivered in 29 languages.

DCT approach

Where Dremel’s strength lies in producing compact electrical tools, DCT’s strength lies with managing information. Therefor DCT started by implementing and configuring a documentation development process at her own office. Dremel only has to supply the old versions and her comments. The DCT project manager assembles the relevant information for the specific product form the Dremel database. Next a new English manual is created according to the CE standards. A DCT DTP specialist combines this information with the template developed in the Dremel company style. After approval by Dremel, this new English manual is translated into 28 languages using a translation manual, Dremel terminology and style guides.


The biggest difference for Dremel is that her own employees no longer have to worry about creating documentation. For new products Dremel only has the say what needs to be changed and DCT can get started. The result is new documentation in 29 languages, conform the CE standards, delivered on time. It is an extremely efficient process that delivers consistent and high quality documentation by reusing previously translated texts, Dremel terminology, Dremel style guides and more. An added advantage is that DCT managed to significantly reduce the realization time and costs for Dremel.

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