Damen Shipyards: Helder en pragmatisch

“Thanks to DCT’s efforts, this complex question has been analyzed clearly and transformed into a pragmatic approach. Their assistance in developing a vision and determining requirements has lead to the right choice in necessary tooling.”


Damen Shipyards is a globally leading ship building company, with over 30 wharfs and related companies world wide. Damen has gained this leading position in various maritime sectors, such as passenger and cargo transportation, defense, customs and tugboats, by their modular way of building ships. Sharing information and knowledge is considered one of the most important conditions to develop the best possible products and remain industry leader.


Damen delivers a wide range of products. To be able to operate as efficiently as possible, the need for standardization arose. All product groups should work based on the same procedures, working with the same systems and using the same masterdata: the so-called ‘One Time Right’ principle. However, they soon discovered that the required information was too scattered and too inaccessible to realize this principle.


Standardization had to be carried through in all product information of the different phases in the vessel life cycle, from engineering to recycling. DCT was asked to advise in creating and using information from and for all the different target audiences of the product life cycle. Our first job was to take a look at engineering support. The information from engineering support manuals had to be standardized and created, recorded and published in an understandable way, using the ‘Single Source’ principle. The required tooling had to be selected and implemented.

DCT approach

DCT used her own method of analyzing to reach the best possible approach. One of our main principles is optimal reuse of existing information. DCT began by restructuring information in an information model according to the XML standard. Based on this general information model, DCT created a specialized information model that is compatible with the Damen product structure and the various Damen product groups. Subsequently, DCT was involved in advising and guiding the tool selection process to find those tools that fitted optimally with the previously determined requirements.


The solution is based on the new information model. It has been created to take into account the information needs of different target audiences and different ways of fulfilling these needs as efficiently as possible. Several engineers are now using the selected tools to convert existing information to the new format and information model. This enables them to make the adapted information dynamically available to the numerous different target audiences within Damen that want to use this information. In addition to this, the information can now be published easily from one source format to multiple media types, such as paper, PC or tablet.

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