“DCT has developed safety instructions for Chemgas in the form of posters. These posters offer our employees better insight into the potentially unsafe situations on board and into how they should deal with these situations. The instructions are very clear and are being effectively deployed throughout our fleet.”


Chemgas is the leader in the transportation of gas by water. Chemgas has almost 50 years of experience in both maritime and inland navigation.  With a modern and steadily growing fleet of barges and air draft coasters, Chemgas is an established and important player in the field of gas transportation by water.


Working on board maritime and inland navigation vessels inherently involves specific risks. Chemgas’s freight, LPG, heightens the risk and requires that employees on board adhere to a number of strict safety regulations. Both the daily challenge of working on water as well as working with hazardous substances means it is essential that these regulations are observed.


Chemgas needed visual support of its safety regulations. The crews of the fleet are mainly Dutch, English or German speakers. The visual aspect of the instructions ought to make the biggest impression to make the instructions as language-independent as possible. Text-based support was required, but was not the main focus.

DCT approach

After analyzing Chemgas’s request, DCT provided a number of recommendations and proposals. Using its tried and tested methodology, DCT gave its recommendation concerning the appearance and method of implementation. After a number of graphical proposals, the illustrative approach seemed to Chemgas to be the most direct one.


The result is multiple series of four to six posters a year (2012 – 2018). Disseminated throughout the fleet, these posters serve to make working and living on board the Chemgas ships safer and more comfortable. A visually attractive product promoting safety, all resulting in a satisfied customer.

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