Boon Edam: Fast and efficient publishing

“DCT has developed a FrameMaker application, with which our document specialists can create and publish Technical Construction Dossiers fast and efficiently and in all possible languages. The goals for this project were standardization and reuse of information. By making smart use of the Adobe FrameMaker functionalities, these goals were easy to reach. The efficiency of our documentation process has increased significantly.”


Boon Edam is a leading international company in the admission technology branch. Their activities are focused on Door Systems, Security Access and Advanced Door Care. Boon Edam is always looking for the perfect solution and because innovation is a continuing process, they are constantly improving products, services and processes.


Each Boon Edam product is delivered with a Technical Construction Dossier (TCD) in accordance with the machinery guidelines. The TCD contains all product documentation, test results, manuals and certificates in the language of the country where the product will be placed. The TCDs were made using various applications, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe PageMaker and Adobe InDesign, printed and delivered to the customer in one file. Employees considered the TCD creation process time-consuming and not user-friendly. Further more, due to the limited information reuse possibilities, translation costs were substantial.


Boon Edam document specialists desired a solution that would enable them to work easier and more efficiently and to reuse (translated) texts. Standardization and reuse were the most important solution criteria. Other criteria also included publication and extensive search functionalities for the TCDs. DCT was also asked to train users in creating, managing and publishing TCDs themselves.

DCT approach

During the first analyses several representative TCDs were discussed. After that, DCT made a suggestion for the conversion of the current layout to Adobe FrameMaker. During this phase DCT and Boon Edam also discussed the possibility of implementing a content management solution. Depending on the amount of legacy documentation, information granularity, reuse possibilities and different publishing formats, a return on investment had been determined to judge the implications and advantages of using a Content Management System (CMS). Due to the limited number of users, Boon Edam decided to continue working with a file system for now. DCT developed a FrameMaker template that could work easily with text insets, variables and conditional texts, increasing the reuse possibilities for chunks of information. Lastly, the users received training to instruct them to work with the installed FrameMaker application, enabling them to create, manage and publish TCDs on their own.


The result is a fully installed FrameMaker environment, with which document specialists can create TCDs and other documents. Both content and layout have been standardized. By making good use of FrameMaker functionalities, document specialists can work more efficiently, reducing the time-to-market and costs significantly. Further more reuse of existing translations during the translation process has increased as well, because the existing translation memory can handle legacy content from an unambiguous source better. The PDF publication and the Adobe PortFolio search functionalities, which enable a user to search through an entire TCD, have considerably improved the information accessibility.

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