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Essent: Accessible for everyone

Essent: Accessible for everyone "DCT helps Essent with making their information accessible. After analyzing the requirements thoroughly, DCT developed a future proof model for creating, managing and distributing information. By using metadata with all types of information, the search and retrieve functionalities have become usable for all target groups. Information can be accessed [...]

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Boon Edam: Fast and efficient publishing

Boon Edam: Fast and efficient publishing "DCT has developed a FrameMaker application, with which our document specialists can create and publish Technical Construction Dossiers fast and efficiently and in all possible languages. The goals for this project were standardization and reuse of information. By making smart use of the Adobe FrameMaker functionalities, these [...]

2018-12-28T10:04:58+00:00December 21st, 2018|

NedTrain: Optimal knowledge sharing

NedTrain: Optimal knowledge sharing "DCT helps NedTrain to ensure that the availability and reliability of rail material is as high as possible. Using a customized metadata and content model, finding and retrieving documents has become easier. Maintenance employees have access to task oriented information. This enables them to execute tasks correctly. DCT has [...]

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Damen Shipyards: Clear and pragmatic

Damen Shipyards: Helder en pragmatisch "Thanks to DCT's efforts, this complex question has been analyzed clearly and transformed into a pragmatic approach. Their assistance in developing a vision and determining requirements has lead to the right choice in necessary tooling." Customer Damen Shipyards is a globally leading ship building company, with over 30 [...]

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Dremel: eye for detail

Dremel: Eye for detail "Consistent writing and efficient publishing in one seamlessly integrated process enables Dremel to deliver high quality documentation in 29 languages, as befits their high quality products, within the set deadlines and budgets, with minimal impact on the Dremel organization. DCT even takes care of the approval process of local [...]

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Kenbri: an eye opener

Kenbri: an eye opener “DCT helped us ensure our documentation correctly matched our customer’s needs. They demonstrated that localization is about more than just translation, by making the documentation entirely appropriate for the Indonesian target group. Language problems must never lead to accidents or dangerous situations, certainly not when it comes to our [...]

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Chemgas: Signs for safety

"DCT has developed safety instructions for Chemgas in the form of posters. These posters offer our employees better insight into the potentially unsafe situations on board and into how they should deal with these situations. The instructions are very clear and are being effectively deployed throughout our fleet."  Customer Chemgas is the leader [...]

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Blokker: One-Stop-Shop

Blokker: One-Stop-Shop “DCT acts as our ‘one-stop shop’ for the creation of multilingual manuals and packaging for the Tomado brand. We send them a sample of the product and receive back appropriate packaging and a professional, multilingual manual in accordance with CE standards. We know that DCT will do all this with the [...]

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