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The people within your organization perform technical work using equipment, machines or material. This work may involve verification, operation, maintenance or repair. Your employees perform this work in accordance with job instructions.

Task support

The administration of job instructions is often a problem. When needed, they can be unavailable. Or they are out of date or too difficult to understand. Sometimes work is carried out based on an older version. Often the replacement parts are no longer available or have been changed so much that they are unrecognizable. The consequence is: improvisation. But is that a desirable and responsible solution? Your employee must receive the specific information he or she needs – no less and no more.

To make the work more understandable, transparent and simpler for your employees, clear process descriptions and job instructions are essential. The accessible, objective and up-to-date job instructions produced by TASKSupport reduce the time required for initial and refresher training and reduce safety risks. This leads to lower costs, faster completion of the work and essential retention of knowledge within the organization. Not to mention work that is performed perfectly. The TASKSupport work instructions and process descriptions serve well for inventory systems, planning systems, safety instructions, performance indicators, tools, consumables and teaching aids. TASKSupport products and services are composed of modules. As the customer, you decide which products and services you require.