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A product often has a life cycle of several decades. Throughout those years the product undergoes many improvements in terms of usability, reliability and maintainability. Clearly good information plays a very important role in this life cycle. We have therefore established a special service to provide the information needed for optimal support of your product throughout its life cycle. “It all revolves around your product.”

Product support

DCT has extensive experience with product information and the processes that require this information. Not just the processes that pertain to the user (your customer?) but also those involving the R&D developer, the manufacturer and those providing support. With our broad-based experience we are able to optimally harmonize all the information on your products and processes.

DCT’s “Product Support” is a unique solution that provides you and your customers with a new perspective on your product information. And this is done in a manner that has a minimal impact on your system and information architecture.

With good product information there is plenty of profit to be made.

Why “Product Support” from DCT?

  •     Experience with your information processes and those of your partners and customers
  •     Information on products and processes optimally harmonized
  •     Handy solutions with minimal impact on system and information architecture
  •     Implementation of improvement cycles
  •     Ability to easily find the right information and knowledge (documents and people)