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Information is a company’s most valuable asset. Whether information is needed to program a welding robot in a production line to place a spot weld at exactly the right place and time or for a service mechanic who needs to know what the exact service life of a component is, accurate information is vital for a successful business.

Global Information Management

Correct execution of tasks, by people or machines, can only be achieved properly when supported by the right information at the right time. If knowledge fails, information should be quickly and easily accessible. The process in which managed information is converted into knowledge is called GIM (Global Information Management).

GIM is the management of business information by using strategies, methods and tools to simplify the management, storage, distribution, security, publication and maintenance of that information.

GIM focuses on the entire information life cycle – from the creation to archiving and possibly destroying information – so that information can be accessed at every desired time and place in the most suitable format and size.

Context plays a central part at GIM, for information can only become useful knowledge when it is interpreted in the right context. For us humans, context is determined by elements such as social and cultural environment and intellectual capacity, but also the physical environment can be of great influence on a
person’s information interpretation. Information should be managed so that it can always be accessed in the most suitable way, no matter the situation or context. “GIM creates value and continuity. The better business information is organized, the more ready a company is to take on new opportunities.”