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Your product is top of the line! But does this apply to your business information as well?

DCT Quick Scan

Do you supply unambiguous product information in the right language within the deadline? Does your website support your customers with up-to-date service information? Is your documentation delivered on time? Do your employees have the right information to execute their tasks quickly, safely and without errors?

Is this not always true? Do not worry, you are not alone. Many companies focus on their core activities: production, sales and delivery of high quality products. Information is not your core business.

Documentation is usually the last thing to be finished. Your organization invests a lot of work – time and money – in this process. Other challenges, like efficiency, quality and timely disclosure of information in the right languages are often not even taken into account.

On time and correct business information can do a lot more for your organization and your customers!

This is especially true for the following information, possibly for more target groups and languages:
•    installation manuals
•    training material
•    operation manuals
•    Quick Reference Guides
•    service en maintenance regulations
•    component guides
•    Frequently Asked Questions

Can you improve your information?

Optimizing your business information process, may reap more business benefits than you might initially expect.
What would it be like if you could…
•    lower production costs because less mistakes are made?
•    supply better documentation than your competitors?
•    deliver your documentation on time in all required languages?
•    avoid claim risks by making your documentation CE compliant?
•    reduce your help desk costs by improving your information services?
•    increase turnover by offering better possibilities for ordering on line?
•    offer a higher service level due to on line information?
•    access a bigger portion of the market while staying within budget?
•    prepare your company for the future growth using this process?

Do not think that this process will not work for your specific case or that there will always be additional investments. Following our motto ‘Think Big, Start Small’, DCT offers you the first step to bringing your information future into focus: the DCT Quick Scan!

DCT Quick Scan

The focus areas above are analyzed during the DCT Quick Scan.

The DCT Quick Scan is a short, but solid research into the your current situation and the future needs of your (after sales) business information and documentation. This research focuses on the information management focal areas as specified in the picture above. Stakeholder interviews are central in this research. Based on the results of these interviews, and using years of experience, DCT can provide points of improvement. After completing the DCT Quick Scan you will receive a rapport containing information management advice and a possible phasing of its implementation and DCT will present the results to the organization.

Investment and result

The costs should not hold you back, especially considering the short term profits of the improvements. Our Business Consultants can provide you with solid advice within a couple of days.
The implementation of this advice will lead to an improvement of your business information. The quality improvements and cost and time-to-market reductions will help you reach your business goals.

Naturally, DCT can help you to implement the information management advice as well.