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DCT Projects Information Management - Localization

Language plays an important role in the transfer of information and knowledge.

DCT offers professional language services and is specialized in the localization of websites, marketing material and technical documentation into more than 50 languages. 

As a localization specialist, DCT offers more than just a translation; your content is also adapted to the culture of the country in question. In addition, our Language Services department offers supporting services such as terminology management, consultancy and DTP. As a result, the creation, translation and publication of your information will be optimally streamlined.

Our working method provides you with an efficient localization process. This allows to secure a strong position for your service or product in the international market.

Experienced translators, project managers, vendor managers, DTP specialists, language engineers and consultants are ready and waiting to handle your projects.

DCT offers the following language services and specializations:

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of DCT’s language services? Feel free to contact us L10N@dct.nl, we will be glad to tell you more! You can also download our leaflet Language Services (PDF).