Making information accessible

Business Cases

“DCT acts as our ‘one-stop shop’ for the creation of multilingual manuals and packaging for the Tomado brand. We send them a sample of the product and receive back appropriate packaging and a professional, multilingual manual in accordance...
Professional multilingual instruction manuals and packaging

DCT Projects - Business Case Chemgas: Signs for safety

"DCT has developed safety instructions for Chemgas in the form of posters. These posters offer our employees better insight into the potentially unsafe situations on board and into how they should deal with these situations. The instructions are very clear...
Safety instructions on posters

DCT Projects - Business Case Kenbri: An eye opener

“DCT helped us ensure our documentation correctly matched our customer’s needs. They demonstrated that localization is about more than just translation, by making the documentation entirely appropriate for the Indonesian target group...
Customer-orientated and accessible user documentation

DCT Projects - Business Case Dremel: Eye for detail

"Consistent writing and efficient publishing in one seamlessly integrated process enables Dremel to deliver high quality documentation in 29 languages, as befits their high quality products, within the set deadlines and budgets...
Consistent and efficient translated product information