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DCT Advies Informatie Management - Partners samenwerking

DCT foresees that the shift towards integrated solutions will continue in the coming years. Accordingly, there will be continuous attention for the innovation of services, products, standards and applications.

DCT seeks strong, high-quality partners for the implementation and use of new technologies. Interested? Please contact us. Depending on your area of expertise, please contact either ims@dct.nl for information management services or L10N@dct.nl for localization services.

The XMetaL® product suite is the world’s leading XML content creation and collaboration solution, advancing the goals of global customer-driven organizations. The JustSystems XMetaL product family enables your entire organization to create, share, reuse, and deliver high-value information in the myriad of languages and formats your audience demands. JustSystems is one of the 2010 KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management and a member of the 2010 Software Magazine Software 500 ranking. Please visit www.justsystems.com for more information.

The DITA Exchange software is part of the leading DITA XML content management and publication solution for Microsoft SharePoint. It has become crucial for the mission of many global organizations. Using the DITA Exchange software, organizations can implement and maintain a 'Single Source of Truth' for their most strategic content and render this content consistently through websites, sales proposals, marketing material, product documentation and other business documents. The DITA Exchange solutions apply a well thought out and structured building of content, as well as the DITA XML standard publication principles and informations architecture, to the commonly used and well known Microsoft SharePoint and Word software. See www.ditaexchange.com for more information.

SyncRO Soft develops software and their oXygen XML products have gained them an exclusive expertise in XML technologies for developing, editing and automating XML content, such as technical documentation, manuals and product descriptions. Their most important product, the oXygen XML Editor, offers the complete package of XML technologies and is the only XML editor that supports all XML schema languages (such as DTD, Relax NG en Schematron). The oXygen XML Editor is compliant with the globally defined standards of W3C and other organizations and improves the productivity of developers and authors alike by offering them an intuitive and innovative XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE). Please visit www.sync.ro for more information.

SDL allows companies to optimize their customers’ experience across the entire buyer journey. Through its web content management, analytics, social intelligence, campaign management and translation services, SDL helps organizations leverage data-driven insights to understand what their customers want, orchestrate relevant content and communications, and deliver engaging and contextual experiences across languages, cultures, channels and devices. See www.sdl.com and www.translationzone.com for more information.