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New version of Online Review

New version of Online Review


Mittwoch, April 9, 2014 - 17:00

With Online Review, DCT is offering a new method to review translated texts quickly, simply and thoroughly. The review tool saves time and ensures that translations are consistent. The new and improved version of Online Review offers even more benefits through an array of new features, particularly when working with the InDesign module.

Translating texts is a multi-stage process. The client typically sends a file containing the text, such as a leaflet or catalog, to the translation agency. Using translation software and/or other conversion methods, the content of the text is extracted and saved in a separate file. To prevent previous texts from being translated again, DCT's translators use translation memories to translate content.

A post-translation review process is vital to achieve the best possible outcome. Quality always lies in the detail, so reviews carried out by in-country offices, for instance, ensures that we dot the 'i's and cross the 't's. There are two options: you can simply review the translation of the text or review the translation in its layout with the formatting and images. In the first case, examining the text of a translation alone can be done rather quickly, but the drawback is that the context of the layout is not taken into account. It's good to see what the text is about to get the whole picture. What's more, the reviewers, such as the in-country offices, do not possess specialist translation software to do this efficiently in the majority of cases. This means that after the text has been translated it must be made accessible for reviewers by converting it to another format such as a Word or Excel file.

In the second case, reviewing in the layout allows you to assess the translations in the context of the formatting. The text is viewed alongside the images and in the layout as it ultimately appears on the page. This makes the translation that much clearer. However, it does mean that there are one or more additional stages required to prepare a "mock-up" version of the translated document. To prevent the same texts from being reviewed again in future, amendments must also be made in two different places: in the formatted text itself and in the translation memory. Both methods of reviewing therefore require a serious amount of work.

Online Review does away with the problem of a laborious and costly translation review process. In an online browser environment, the original text and the translated text are arranged side by side. With various user-friendly tools and filters, the reviewer can view the translation: search by terms, sort by matches from the memory and see newly-translated content.

Files in Adobe InDesign format that have been translated can also be reviewed in the context of the formatting, with the reviewer making corrections in the layout. Once the project is finished, the amendments can be saved directly in the translation memory, so that the next project containing the same phrases produces a corrected translation. Translation in the InDesign layout is simply accessed through the browser, with no special software required.

Online Review has been updated. To review InDesign files, incorporating the Java Web Start application allows work to be done without relying on the browser and therefore increases stability. Also, users will always have the latest version of the software. The additional backup storage on the server prevents data loss. If there is any problem with files, it is easy to download fixes and change logs for an overview of fixes made.

In the current version of Online Review, users can switch between table view and InDesign layout view, without the running the risk of overwriting corrections made previously. Moreover, the tag handling and formatting code have been improved, guaranteeing a more stable conversion.

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