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DCT is oXygen XML Gold Value Added partner!

DCT is oXygen XML Gold Value Added partner!


Mittwoch, Juni 18, 2014 - 15:15

DCT B.V. and SyncRO Soft have become partners. They join forces to strengthen their position on the Dutch market for XML content development, management and publication with the oXygen XML products.

SyncRO Soft develops software and their oXygen XML products have gained them an exclusive expertise in XML technologies for developing, editing and automating XML content, such as technical documentation, manuals and product descriptions. Their most important product, the oXygen XML Editor, offers the complete package of XML technologies and is the only XML editor that supports all XML schema languages (such as DTD, Relax NG en Schematron). The oXygen XML Editor is compliant with the globally defined standards of W3C and other organizations and improves the productivity of developers and authors alike by offering them an intuitive and innovative XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE).

DCT has extensive knowledge of and experience with information architecture, XML, technical documentation and content management. This in combination with the oXygen XML Editor promises interesting possibilities for organizations that need flexible but reliable XML content solutions for both authors and XML developers.

The partnership between DCT and SyncRO Soft will enable current and future users of oXygen products to enjoy better support for implementation, adjustments, training and advice on using the oXygen XML products for effective and efficient information management. As Gold Value Added Partner DCT can advise her clients extensively on standard and custom possibilities and technologies for developing, editing and automating XML content.